How to Keep Your Clogs Looking Nice This Summer


How to Keep Your Clogs Looking Nice This Summer

Weather can be totally unpredictable during the summertime months. One hour you can be outside in 100 degree blazing heat and the next hour you are in a heavy downpour.

So, how do you keep your leather clogs looking nice this summer? Here are some tips.


  1. Leather needs to be conditioned regularly. Invest in a leather conditioner, read the instructions and apply it to your clogs. This conditioner will help to keep your leather from cracking, crazing, etc. It will also help the leather to retain its color, even while wearing them in bright sunlight.


  1. Summer showers can pop up out of nowhere! We suggest buying a product and applying it to the leather to help make your clogs water-resistant. If you accidentally step into a mud puddle or get caught in a rain shower, this will help to protect the finish on your leather.


  1. Clean your shoes regularly! You can take a soft cotton cloth and just wipe them down, including the soles. If your soles are really dirty, wet the cloth with tap water and just a small drop of a mild liquid soap. Wipe the soles clean and towel dry them.


  1. Our feet really sweat when we become overheated in hot weather. This sweating can lead to odors in your footwear. You can purchase products to sprinkle inside your shoes to help deodorize them or just sprinkle some baking soda inside. Let the baking soda sit in your shoes overnight and then vacuum out or shake it out in the trash. Baking soda works great!

Keeping your clogs looking their best is easy. With tips like these, you can make sure your clogs look great all summer long so they will carry you into the fall season too. Caring for you clogs will extend the life of the shoes and will ensure that you love wearing them a long time!

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