How To Pack Clogs For Traveling

How to Pack Clogs For Traveling


Traveling is fun and exciting especially when you have the proper shoes, clothing, and accessories you need. The perils of packing does include cramming everything in the fewest amount of bags possible. The usually means wrinkled clothing and crushed shoes. Not an ideal situation, especially when they are your favorite clogs!

The good news is that the wrinkles can be minimized with proper packing and a warm iron. The clogs can be protected too!  Here are some tips for packing your clogs for traveling

  • To keep the top from crushing while packing, use socks, tissue paper or shoe forms to stuff the inside of your clogs lightly. This will help them hold their shape.
  • Since clogs are heavier than a normal shoe, pack them in your bag first. Side pockets work great too, if your bag has ones large enough. Make sure to not place heavy items on top of your clogs to reduce crushing the leather.
  • Unpack as soon as you arrive to your destination and allow your clogs to reshape for a bit. If they are a bit crushed, slip your feet in them and wear them for a bit. They should form back to your foot shortly.

Clogs are the perfect shoe for traveling with the solid construction and amazing comfort. They are perfect for supporting your back and legs during many expeditions. They can go anywhere you need and look great with a few simple packing tips. Happy travels!

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