How to Style a Pair of Clogs with a Skirt

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How to Style a Pair of Clogs with a skirt

One of the best things about wearing clogs is that they are so versatile. They can take you from casual to sporty and even to dressy with ease. Flirty skirts, both long and short, are in fashion right now and if you have been dying to wear them but just cannot handle heels, here are some tips on how to style your favorite clogs with a skirt!

These 4 tips are going to have you looking awesome while giving you the comfort you crave.

1. Choose the appropriate heel height to go with your body length. If you are extremely tall and leggy…go for a shorter heel or flat clog. If you are on the shorter side, wear a pair that has a 3″ or higher heel. Not sure? Go with something in-between.

2. Look for classic styled clogs that don’t have a lot of bells, whistles and embellishments all over them. By sticking with a classic style you will have more wardrobe options available to you.

3. Stick with neutral colors that will go with most items in your wardrobe. Black, brown, ivory, white and navy blue are great colors to work with. You want people to look at your outfit without having your “footwear” scream that you are there.

4. When styling with a skirt you need to think about your leg wear. Yes, most of the time you can wear them barefoot but there will be times you need to wear leggings tights or some type of hosiery to make it work with the skirt that you select. When selecting leg wear, the color should reflect the color of your clogs. This will give your legs an elongated look. In other words, don’t select white tights and wear them with dark brown clogs!

Our clogs come in many heel heights, styles and even boots so you can find just the right pair to wear with your favorite skirts and dresses. You can look great and get the comfort you desire with our clogs all year round.

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