How to Style Clog Boots for a Fabulous Fashion Look

Boots are so popular right now with all of the stylish streetwear looks. I love seeing the different ways to wear boots on Pinterest and in my day to day travels. Clog Boots are so comfortable and when you are a fan of clogs, it is nice to know that you do not have to forgo the comfort of clogs to have the fashion looks you get with boots. You can have it all!

Our Clog boots are the perfect fashion style for anytime and they can be worn with many different items already in your wardrobe.

These boots look best when worn with the following:

* Long Maxi Skirts
* Denim Boot-cut Jeans
* Skinny Jeans
* Trousers with Wide Cut Legs
* Long Maxi Dresses
* Palazzo Pants
* Body Hugging Leggings

For a very modern, updated look you want to match your bottoms to the color of your clog boots. If you are sporting black skinny jeans, wear black boots. If you are wearing dark brown leggings, sport dark brown ones. This will give you an updated look plus elongate your legs. Also add in a pair of beautiful boot socks that can peek out above the boots for a cute causal look.
Wardrobe Building Tip:
Choose a solid black and solid dark chocolate brown in your clog boot. If you want to expand your boot options, you can add on some classics like navy blue, dark gray or red/burgundy.

Remember to condition your leather to keep them looking nice all season long. If you live in a part of the country that gets a lot of wet weather, pre-treat them with a leather protectant to make them water-resistant.

Enjoy wearing your new clog boots with your street fashions all years long. You can look stylish and still have the all-day comfort you crave.

4 Responses to How to Style Clog Boots for a Fabulous Fashion Look

  1. Hi I purchased a pair of boot clogs last year around october. I bought them because of a ankle swelling issue. I wear size in regular shoes 6 1/2. These shoes being European sizes don’t come in half sizes so as always when purchasing clogs. I ordered a size 7. I was so excited when I got. But when I tried to put them on, it was like one of Cinder Ella step sisters trying on that glass slipper it wasn’t happening. So I called and talked a nice gentleman from. The company. He was great. He told me to just pack them up and send them back. I did and within about 4-5 business days I had my size 8. I put the shoes on walked around the house still a bit snug. I’m thinking new shoes,leather just gonna take some breaking in. I took them to work put them on at a fuction, put them on and had to take them off. So I tried wearing them at work on a daily basis, I can’t stay I’m them. I thought it might have been me so I had my feet measured. My right foot was slightly larger than my left but still 61/2. My toes are all the way to the very tip of the shoes.what am I doing wrong I’ve tried shoe hornes, wearing super thin socks, and making sure my nails are extremely short. I’ve had many clogs but I’ve never had this happen before what’s wrong. I still need these clogs. Do you have any suggestions for me.

    • One of the problems with the clog boots was the snugness. They were very narrow around the ball of the foot. You could take them to a shoe repair place and see if they can stretch them a bit. Otherwise, I don’t know of any other way to get them to loosen up.

  2. I don’t need them right now, but do they still make those classy laced clog boots. I purchased some last year and I no longer see them on your web site(s)

    • That was a one time special purchase I did. I didn’t reorder them for this fall.