How to Style Clogs with Business Clothes


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How to Style Clogs with Business Clothes

Here are some tips to style your clogs to pair with your favorite business outfits to look great and feel good too.

How to Style Clogs with Business Clothes

* When selecting a pair of clogs to wear to the office you want to select a pair that is done in a classy but yet traditional styling. Avoid footwear that is bright in colors, patterns and with a slew of embellishments. Go for a classic style that will go with most of your business attire.

* If you spend the majority of your day running around and on your feet, select a low-heel or mid-heel clog for the best comfort and fit.

* Mid-Heel and High-Heel clogs look the best with dresses and skirts. Low-Heel and Flats look best with trousers. If you want to sport a high-heel clog with trousers, style them with a wide leg or boot-cut styled pair of pants.

* For a lovely dressy look, you can select a pair with a croco-embossed or faux snakeskin texture to the leather. Another nice choice is selecting a pair in patent leather.

* For a coordinated look pick up a matching or a coordinating handbag to go along with your footwear.

* When investing in clogs for your business wardrobe, stick to the classic colors of black, navy blue and chocolate brown which will go nicely with most items in your business wardrobe. You can then add classic red, white and even sandal styles later, as you see fit.

So why be uncomfortable all day long at work? Now you don’t have to! Use these tips to help you blend your clogs into your business fashion so you look professional and feel good all day long.

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