How to Take Care of Your Leather Clogs During Winter Season

How to Take Care of Your Leather Clogs During Winter Season


Clog  lovers wear their shoes year round and with winter on the way you can feel comfortable wearing your favorite pair of clogs anytime, as long as you are protecting the leather.


Throughout the year you should be pre-treating your leather footwear with a leather conditioner to help keep the leather moisturized and from drying out. For typical use, you’ll need to pre-treat your footwear 3 times a year.


If your footwear isn’t water repellent, buy a product that’s made for leather and treat them by following the package directions. This is extremely important to do before the winter season to help protect them from rain, sleet, snow, and ice. These weather elements can badly damage your shoes.


Here are some additional tips to care for your leather clogs during the winter months and all year long.


Tips on cleaning your clogs from Superior Clogs:

Cleaning Soles: Use a soft cotton cloth or microfiber cloth, wet it with tap water and wring it out well so it is just damp. Wipe off the outsoles and heels to remove mud, dirt and debris. If needed, you can use a soft toothbrush to loosen up the debris from the soles. Wipe off with a slightly damp cloth and towel dry.


Cleaning Leather Uppers: You’ll want to buy a product that is specifically made for cleaning leather footwear. Follow the directions on the package and apply the product to your clogs. Different products use a different formulation and method of application, so make sure you read the instructions carefully. Suede uppers may use a different product than leather so make sure what you are applying is recommended for the type of fabric or leather that you have.


Protect the Leather: Once you have cleaned your clogs and they have thoroughly dried, you’ll want to treat them with a water repelling spray. This spray should be lightly misted all over the leather upper and will help to prevent water, snow, slush and ice from seeping into your leather.


Also to note is that if you are wearing your shoes in an area that has been salted, make sure to wipe your clogs off before storing them since salt can be damaging to your shoes.


You can enjoy your favorite clogs all winter long with some simple protection and care. These tips will help you care for your clogs so you can enjoy wearing them for many years to come!

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