How to Wear Asian Oriental Prints

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How to Wear Asian Oriental Prints

Are you a slave to solids in your fashion favorites?  Maybe you add a splash of stripes here and there? If you looked in your closet right now, would you find any prints in the clothing or just in accessories? I think many people shy away from print fabrics because they are not sure how to wear them well.

Asian and Oriental prints and styles are hitting the runway this year and taking it by storm. These styles and oriental prints are very flattering for most figures and age groups. You can go very casual or very upscale with the fashion pieces currently out in the marketplace.

Tips on How to Wear Asian Oriental Prints

 If you are unsure on how to wear these gorgeous prints, take some of these tips to mind when shopping and choosing your favorite pieces.

  • If you are smaller in size, you can pull off those large and bold oriental floral prints with ease. If you are on the full-figure size, choose the smaller floral prints.
  • If wearing an Asian printed top, pair it up with a solid bottom. When wearing a printed bottom, pair it up with a solid top. If you want to wear print on print, they should be identical and not contrasting.
  • When sporting this hot trend you want to pair up your fashions with solid color footwear and accessories. Clogs, strappy sandals, thongs, and high-heel pumps work with most styles.

Being comfortable in your fashion choices is rule number one. Sometimes you have to get out of your comfort zone to see what works on you and what doesn’t. Adding something that you normally would not wear can be eye opening and make you feel fabulous. Give it a try and see what amazing fashion pieces you can find that love you as much as you love it!

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