How to Wear Asymmetrical Hems


How to Wear Asymmetrical Hems 

Two years ago we started seeing the Asymmetrical hems trend in fashion and it has continued to grow in popularity. The trend first started out with high-low hems being seen on skirts and dresses but has now expanded to include high-low hems on tops and jackets.

When it comes to skirts and dresses you can opt for a thigh-high slit and hem or go for a more conservative look with a length that is at the knee, calf or ankle. For the best look and fit select a garment that follows the curves of your body or one that is easy and breezy. Avoid skin-tight fashions during the day, which are typically very uncomfortable to wear and usually don’t work well in an office or professional capacity.

When selecting tops with asymmetrical hems, Look for ones with the hem shorter in the front and longer in the back. For most women, a longer length in the back will help cover-up the hip and backside area that make be troublesome.  Jackets are great at any length to offset a blouse or cami.

When layering tops with this trend make sure to select light-weight fabrications to keep the bulk down. You can select matching shades or go with a completely contrasting look. Add an asymmetrical jacket to a maxi for a cute layered look and throw on your favorite clogs for a comfortable, yet trendy style. Share with us how you like to wear your asymmetrical pieces.

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