How to Wear Clogs with Fashion Prints


How to Wear Clogs with Fashion Prints

There are women who tend to stick to one fashion style over and over. It is something that we get comfortable with and know what works for us. Some women wear solids only. Some women love to add fashions with print to their wardrobe for a splash of change. Some women love prints and only wear clothing with a pattern or print.

No matter your favorite style, adding prints to your closet is a wonderful way to add interest to your outfit and add some sass too.

* Select solid color footwear items unless you have identical printed shoes to match your outfit. With that said, buy investing in solid colors, they’ll go with a lot more items in your wardrobe.

* Find two to three predominate colors in the fashion print and select a pair of shoes that works well with one of those colors. For example: If you’re wearing a pink floral print, pink clogs would bring out those colors!

* If you’re not much of a fashion-color person, you can go with the classic white, beige and nude colored shoes for a more natural look in the summertime or go with your classic solids of black, chocolate brown, dark gray and navy blue for fall & winter.

* When wear printed fashions, it’s typically best to stay with solid color accessories when it comes to footwear, handbags, belts, hats and jackets. Too many prints, especially different prints can look over-whelming.

* Depending on your body shape, you may want to wear the print on your top and go with a solid bottom or vice-versa. While some people like to mix different prints on their tops and bottoms, it can come out garish-looking unless you’re really good at mixing up fashion prints. Again, keep your accessories low-key and in solid colors.

Don’t be afraid to try new things. A different pair of shoes can change the entire look of your outfit!

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