How to Wear Clogs with Leather Fashions


How to Wear Clogs with Leather Fashions

Leather is such a great material. The versatility of the fabric is amazing. I am sure when you think of leather, your first thought is probably shoes or a great handbag. The ability for leather to wear beautifully and last for years makes it a top rate choice for accessories and footwear.

But leather fashion has been gaining in popularity for many years and there is nothing like a fabulous leather skirt or jacket to punch up your wardrobe staples.  Plus leather like material is popular right now too.

But sometimes it can be tough to find the right shoes to wear with some of your leather or leather-like fashions. Clogs are a great go-to choice because of the fact that they are made from leather too, so the whole outfit can blend together beautifully.

Not sure how to pair your leather fashion with your clogs? Check out these tips.

Tips on How to Wear Clogs with Leather Fashion Items

When you’re looking to wear a pair of clogs with a pair of leather pants, a dress, skirts, jackets, etc., choose a pair of genuine leather clogs in the same color as your fashion item.

Example: If you’re wearing black leather pants with a dark purple blouse, your footwear should be in black too. This will help your legs look longer and your feet won’t be the first thing that someone notices when they see you.

It’s equally as important to try to match texture to texture. If you’re wearing suede on your bottom (pants, skirts or a long dress), you’ll want your shoes to be made out of genuine suede too. While you can get away with wearing a smooth leather (if that’s all you got), some fashionistas will tell you that wearing suede with suede is the best way to go.

When selecting the perfect style of clogs, you’ll want to go with classic-styles that avoid the trends. Most leather fashion clothing is also considered classic because of the material as it can be worn season to season. (There are some trendy cuts and styles out there too.) By selecting classic style clogs to pair together with your fashion piece, the outfit will blend together better as a whole.

When it comes to matching up a handbag with your leather fashions, the handbag should be in the same color and texture as the main leather item that you’re wearing. For example: If you’re wearing a black smooth leather skirt, you’ll want to accent your outfit with a black smooth leather handbag.

If you think of your fashion outfit as a whole instead of just pieces, it will be easier for you to blend in the proper clogs and accessories for a smooth and fabulous leather outfit that you will reach for over and over.

Make sure to stop by the clog shop to find your perfect classic clogs to pair with your leather fashions!

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