Layering with Comfortable & Chic Athleisure Wear

Layering with Comfortable & Chic Athleisure Wear


What is Athleisure Wear? It is athletic clothes that are worn casually in your day-to-day life. Times have changed and now women want comfortable clothes 24/7.  In our everyday fashion attire, it is becoming more acceptable to wear athletic leisure wear anywhere barring the office, anyway. But with the changes in clothing fabrics and textures, many pieces are perfect for layering with others and becoming a wonderful base piece.


Here are some of the basics


Core Wardrobe Pieces:


Yoga Pants

Tank Tops

Fitted & Semi-Fitted Tees (short and long-sleeved)

Tunic Length Tees (for layering)

Comfortable & Supportive Sport Bras

clogs (open backed & closed back styles)


The Athleisure Wear look is all about putting pieces together that look great and are comfortable. It’s not about wearing your mother’s sloppy sweatpants, sweatshirt and boxy tees!


Athleisure fashions are typically in a solid color and accented with solid or printed bright colors. For example: Black yoga pants with a brightly colored floral print waist band or a color-blocked tee. Most of your Athleisure pieces will mix-n-match with one another making them a worthy fashion investment.


Layering your fitted athletic tees under a vest and pairing them with leggings or yoga pants and boots or clogs is very fashionable right now. You can literally wear that type of outfit anywhere. Depending on the office, many women are incorporating some of their leggings and leisurewear fashion items into their basic office attire.


The Athleisure wear pieces are not going anywhere for a while. Create some classic and comfortable looks you can enjoy from the office to the market. Fashion and comfort together is what it is all about.


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