Learn How to Walk in Clogs

Learn How to Walk in Clogs
Have you ever heard someone walk very loudly in their shoes? It can be very annoying to those that are hearing that, especially in quiet areas, like an office.  Since clogs are made with wood bottoms, some people have the tendency to walk rather loudly while wearing them. However, walking properly in your shoes is a learned action. If you are new to wearing clogs and are concerned about how to walk correctly and quietly in them, here are some tips you can use.

Learn How to Walk in Clogs


  1. Sizing

When purchasing footwear you always want to purchase your correct size! Way too often women buy their shoes too small which can lead to foot problems. In addition, you don’t want them too big. Stay true to your size, unless you plan on wearing thick and chunky socks with your new clogs on a regular basis. You then “might” want to size up a 1/2 size. In addition, make sure you purchase the correct width for your foot. You want a good fit! Plus, remember as you wear them, they will conform to your foot for a nice fit.


  1. Practice

If you’ve never walked in clogs before, you’ll want to spend some time walking around your home while wearing them. Practice wearing them barefoot, with thin hosiery items and with thick, chunky socks to see which fit works best for you. You’ll want to practice wearing them on different floor surfaces: wood floors, carpet, tile, cement, etc. Different type floor surfaces can give you a different type of feeling. If you’re new to clogs, spend a few hours every day walking around your own home before wearing them out. This will give you some confidence too!


  1. Patience

No one is an expert walker overnight! It may take some women 2-3 days, and other’s it may take a week or two, before they are 100% comfortable in wearing their new clogs. 

With these tips, you can learn how to wear, walk easily, and most importantly, walk quietly in your new clogs. Plus, you will find yourself reaching for these shoes day after day.


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