Must Have Colors and Styles of Clogs for Fall 2015

Must Have Colors and Styles of Clogs for Fall 2015


We love the fall season. It is a perfect time for beautiful fashion since the weather is not too cold and not too hot. One of our must-haves in our closet are a great pair (or two) of clogs. They are just right for most fashion styles from casual to business. But sometimes choosing the right pair can be difficult. After all, there are so many choices!

Here are our thoughts about which to have in your closet this season.

Must-Have Colors: Black, Dark Brown, Black Cherry and Navy Blue. These four colors are classics and will mix-n-match beautifully with your wardrobe this Fall. Once you have the classics, you can add some fun fashion colors like dark evergreen, red, dark purple, etc.

Must-Have Styles: Our top two selling styles here at Superior Clogs are the Picasso and the Monet.

The Picasso Clogs are your classic-style closed-back clogs with original soles. They have orthopedically designed foot beds which means they are designed for comfort, especially for people who are on their feet all day long. They feature oil resistant, hand nailed leather uppers and are designed for even weight distribution.

The Monet Clogs are your classic-style clogs with original soles. They are done in an easy slip-on style (open backs), have oil resistant and hand nailed leather uppers and have orthopedically designed foot beds which are designed for comfort.

You can’t go wrong with either, or both, of these choices. As one is an open-back and one is a closed-back style, they will work in any fashion situation you may have.

Step up to comfort and style this fall with a beautiful pair of clogs. You will not want to wear any other shoes and it will be so worth it!

Got questions?  Ask us! We are here to help you choose the perfect pair.

2 Responses to Must Have Colors and Styles of Clogs for Fall 2015

  1. I wear 61/2 and 7 size shoe. Mostly 7, but I have found some size 7 clogs are too big/roomy. How do yours run? ie Dansko 7’s can only wear with socks.

    Also, I have Plantar’s fasciitis and clogs were suggested. Have you found that to be true?

    • The answer to your second question is Yes! I have quite a few medical personnel customers that recommend clogs to their patients.

      As for sizing, if you are a 6 1/2 to a 7, you should be a 37. If they seem big, then you probably have a slim foot or low instep. If that is the case, a good open backed clog would be the Johansson, Traditional, or the Wright. Also, any of the adjustable clogs would work because you can adjust the tightness on them. In the closed back clogs, your only option is the Van Gogh.