Natural Shoe Deodorizers to Treat Shoe Odors

Natural Shoe Deodorizers to Treat Shoe Odors

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No matter how diligent we are, the fact is that when wearing any type of shoe for long periods of time it is going to result in some type of shoes odor. Athletic shoes and boots get the worst rap, but even sandals and clogs can develop odors that are offensive.

Taking care of your shoes and getting rid of those smells is easier than you think and you probably have the answer right in your home. Here are three natural shoe deodorizers that you can use in your shoes for a nice clean scent again!

  1. Baking Soda – Buy little cotton canvas drawstring bags (found at a craft supply store) and put 2 to 3 tablespoons of baking soda into each bag. Pull the drawstring shut. Place one bag into each shoe and let them sit for 48 hours. Remove bags and the odors will be gone!
  2. Natural Baby Powder – Sprinkle the inside of each shoe with baby powder. Let them sit for 48 hours and vacuum out the baby powder with the nozzle attachment on your vacuum. Repeat as needed to remove odors. You can find many retailers online who sell natural (non-talc formulas).
  3. Vanilla Cotton Balls – Fold up a paper towel and place inside each shoe. Add 1-2 drops of vanilla extract onto one cotton ball (per shoe) and place inside. Let shoes sit overnight. Remove cotton balls and paper towel.


Caring for your shoes just got easier. Perfect for all the shoes in your closet and home!


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