Neutral Winter Basics You Can’t Live Without


For some reason, I don’t believe many people think of winter as a fashion geared season. We tend to put on the same old things we always do, just to try and stay warm. Puffy coats, lots of layers, big rain or snow boots to keep our feet dry. 

Don’t get me wrong. There’s nothing wrong with this because we do want to stay warm and dry. But we can still add some beautiful pieces that will up our fashion conscious level just a little bit. We don’t have to keep reaching for the same old same old every winter!

Neutrals are a fabulous way to add some brightness and color into our winter wardrobe.  And I’m not just talking about black – the ultimate neutral! Even that can get old after a time… Shocking, I know.

Let’s look at some beautiful ways you can add some neutral basics into your winter wardrobe still this season. I think you will find you just can’t live without some color this year!

Neutral Winter Basics You Can’t Live Without

  • Winter white is a beautiful addition. Look for three-quarter length coats with a fashion flair to add some beautiful style. 
  • Blush or pale pink is another beautiful choice to brighten up your winter style. Beautiful scarves, gloves, hats, or purses would all look beautiful when paired with your winter white.
  • Light gray is another fabulous choice. Coats, accessories, ponchos, sweaters, long tunics, even your footwear choices, are all a lovely flash of the unexpected in this basic neutral.
  • If you love to be bold, choose amazing maroon for your outerwear like a lovely swing coat or great pair of clogs.

Just because its winter doesn’t mean we have to be boring. Color is an amazing way to brighten up a dreary snowy day. How can you add more neutral basics to your wardrobe this winter?

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