Pair Your Clogs with Shorts

Pair Your Clogs with Shorts


It’s heating up again and when the temps go up, we tend to wear less clothing, or at least clothing that is airy, light and comfortable. A favorite pair of shorts, a light shirt, some comfy shoes, and we are in heaven.

Did you know that clogs can be worn with anything and everything in your fashion wardrobe, including your favorite pair of summertime shorts?  You can wear them with short-shorts, Bermuda shorts and your capris and look great too.

Here are some fashion tips for you

  1. Avoid super dressy and fancy looking clogs if you are pairing them up with a casual pair of denim shorts. In other words, avoid shiny patent leathers, sequins and anything that would make them look dressy or flashy. Stick with a smooth suede or leather when going summer-casual.
  2. Toss the leg wear! It is best to avoid any type of hosiery, socks and legwear when sporting them with a casual summertime look. Show off those bare legs!
  3. For that summertime look, choose an open toe clog-style sandal with your favorite shorts. There are so many colors and choices. The nudes this season are fabulous anytime!
  4. For a casual style, look for clogs up to a 2″ heel height. For a fun, flirty look, choose clogs that are 3″ or higher.

Superior Clogs has a full line of clogs and clog sandals for you to choose from. And don’t forget to check out our Spring Selection section for the special order items for spring and summer!

Being cool and comfortable in the heat of summer doesn’t mean you have to give up fashion too. Choose smartly and your summer wardrobe will go with you anywhere you go. Stay cool and look great too!

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