Rocking Your Clogs with Denim Jeans

Rocking Your Clogs with Denim Jeans
Denim jeans are a staple in a woman’s fashion wardrobe due to their versatility to be dressed up or down. Now with the addition of spandex to most denim fabrications, denim jeans are more comfortable than ever before.
When it comes to rocking your clogs with denim jeans, there are a few things you want to remember. Here are some style tips to consider.
– Clogs look best when worn with boot-cut, wide leg and straight-leg jeans. They don’t look as attractive when worn with a pair of skinnies, due to drawing too much attention to your feet, hence giving you the appearance of having “big feet”.
– You can wear them with or without socks. If you choose to wear socks with them, you can jazz up your look by letting vivid colors and wild prints peek through or go for a more subtle look by matching your sock color to your clogs. Either way is acceptable.
– When sporting around a pair of solid black denim jeans, you’ll want to stick to solid black or a predominately black-colored pair of clogs. If you’re wearing colored denim, you can go with a pair of shoes in the same color family or opt to do color-blocking by wearing a totally unsuspected color with them. If you’re going for the color-block look, try to match your top, vest or duster with the color of your shoes, to pull off the overall look.
Denim has been a fashion staple in our closets for years and shows no sign of ever going away. With its versatility and great looks, plus durability, wearing denim with your clogs is a style choices that will be popular any time for many years to come.

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