Rocking Your Favorite Clogs in the Winter

Rocking Your Favorite Clogs in the Winter


Clogs have been popular in Europe for many decades before they made their way to the United States back in the 1970’s. Ever since that time, they’ve grown in popularity due to their comfort and style.

This type of footwear is predominately worn Spring, Summer and Fall but can also be worn in the winter depending on where you live and how you wear them.


* Style and Fashion Tips for rocking your clogs this winter

* If you live in a very cold and wet climate area, buy a pair that has a higher, thicker and more stable heel. By wearing high-heeled clogs you will be up off the ground which means less of a chance that water or snow will sneak in.

* To keep your feet warm, select the right hosiery. Go with thicker tights and socks or pair wear them with your favorite leggings underneath a dress or skirt. You can also opt to wear leg warmers to help keep your lower leg and ankle areas warm.

* Select a style that is made specifically for this colder season. Look for clog-style boots, shooties and closed-toe & closed-back clogs. In addition, you can find some styles that have removable liners & foot beds that help with seasonal transitions. We love the faux-fur, fleece and faux-sherpa lined clogs when it comes to casual streetwear.

* Materials count and count big when it comes to wearing clogs in colder weather! Look for styles that are made out of genuine leather, suede or wool; all are fabrications that help to keep your feet warm!

Clogs really can be a year round shoe if they are treated for the elements. Expand your horizons and enjoy your favorite clogs in the winter months, when possible.




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