Are Safety Clogs Right for You?


Picasso Black, SmallAre Safety Clogs Right for You?

If you are a clog addict, then chances are you have heard of safety clogs. But if you are new to the clog culture or maybe looking for something that you can wear to work comfortably, safety clogs are a specific type of clog that can be just the type of shoe you are looking for.

So what are Safety Clogs and are they a right choice for you?

Safety Clogs are perfect for those who work in a medical setting, dental setting, food service, the hospitality industry, warehouse workers or anyone else who needs extra protection on their feet and who will be spending the majority of their day walking or standing.

* Feature a clog-style sole with great tread for traction on slippery surfaces.

* Uppers are made out of genuine high-quality leather

* Feature steel-toes (Meets U.S. Safety Standard ANSI Rating Z41)

* Orthopedic foot beds – Designed for people who will be spending a lot of time standing on their feet. Help to reduce foot, leg and back pain and to reduce that feeling of tired legs

* Soles are made out of Alder Wood which is moisture absorbing.

* Easy slip-on and slip-off with no shoelaces, buckles or fasteners to worry about or to come undone.

The beauty of safety clogs are that they are a great looking work shoe that can be worn to not only protect your feet and body but they also look fabulous too! They can be worn with so many different type of outfits, you will forget that they can be an industrial type of shoe.


Who says safety shoes need to look like their name? Troentorp safety clogs are great looking, comfortable and perfect to wear anytime. And Superior Clogs has a full line of safety clogs with the Pablo Cola Safety Clog and the Picasso Safety Clog that comes in Black and Black Cherry.

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