Shirts Under and Over Dress Trend


Shirts Under and Over Dress Trend

If you are tired of low-cut, breast exposing shirts and dresses you are going to enjoy the latest Spring, Summer and Fall 2015 trend.

Fashion designers and stylists are calling it the new “Shirts Under and Over Dress” trend. Even though they are calling it a trend, we would love to see it continuing for quite some time. This is a look that any age group or body shape can pull it off with ease.

To capture this trend, you want to wear a shirt over or under the dress in a contrasting color or one in the same color family.

Here are some examples:

* White shirt with black dress * White with dark navy blue dress * Red shirt with a black or navy blue dress

* Pastel pink shirt with a bright pink dress

* Pale butter yellow with a bright saturated yellow dress

The shirt you are using for this trend can be long-sleeved, short-sleeved or 3/4 sleeved. They can be in solids or prints or made from just about any fabrication.

You can choose to cinch it with a slim belt or leave it flowing. If you are choosing to wear it under a dress, a tank or cap sleeve dress would look great with a longer sleeve shirt, with or without a collar. A wider strap tank under a thin strap tank dress would be fun too. Add some clogs and you are looking fabulous. Superior Clogs has a full line of Troentorp Swedish clogs for you to choose from.

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