Styling a Maxi Skirt with Clogs

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Styling a Maxi Skirt with Clogs

I love the BoHo look that is coming back with a bang. This season, comfort is in and pairing comfort to casual is easy with gorgeous maxi skirts. I love the flow of these skirts and pairing them with stacks of bangles and a great pair of clogs will make it easy for you to look great and feel great too!

Do you love the look of lovely floral maxi skirt pair with a cami or great tee? It is easy to style a maxi and here are some tips that you can use!

* Maxi skirts look great on all body shapes and sizes. However, if you are extremely short, a maxi skirt may not be your best style option when it comes to skirts. If you tend to carry a lot of weight and want to look slimmer, select a maxi in a solid color or in neutral tones.

* Your maxi skirt should gracefully hit the top of your foot (in regards to length) and should NOT drag on the floor nor be halfway up your leg. These skirts are meant to be worn long!

* They can be worn year-round! If you live in a colder climate add some nice tights or leggings underneath them during the winter season. Funky and fun knee-high socks work equally as well.

* When selecting a clog style to wear with your long & flowing maxi skirts you want to look for a style that is feminine in its appearance. The style we like to see paired up with maxi skirts are open toe clogs with or without an ankle strap, such as the Troentorp Mary Jane, Greta, or Mariah. You will want as much of your foot showing as possible and with a great pedicure to go along with it. Have some fun and accessorize your feet by adding a few anklets and a toe ring or two.

Embrace the BoHo look with these tips. Your favorite pair of clogs can take your fashion style to so many places. Make sure to have fun!

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