Styling Clogs for that Boho Chic Look

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Styling Clogs for that Boho Chic Look

It is fun to watch the trends that come back around again to see how they become chic again. The fashion flair that the women give them is wonderful. I love how anything goes as long as you own your style.

This year, Boho chic is on the fashion forefront with beautiful style that can takes casual comfort to a whole new level. Bright colors, patterns, and textures mix well and wear well and best of all, your favorite clogs are a perfect accessory to this fashionable look.

Here is how to style your clogs for a Boho Chic look you will love!

* Chunky heeled clogs look best with long flowing skirts and dresses. They should be worn without hosiery of any type. Moisturize those legs and show them off!

* Clog style sandals look best when styled with mini shorts, miniskirts and super short dresses. You can wear them with or without ankle straps or with open or closed toes.

* To pull off the boho chic look, layer on your accessories when it comes to necklaces, bracelets and rings. The chunkier the better and the more you layer on really speaks to your unique chic-ness! Earrings should be long and dangling…avoid the studs!

* Makeup should be kept natural and to the bare minimum. A sun-kissed and dewy natural look is what you are going for.

* If you’ve got long hair, leave it down, tussled and curly for a wind-blown natural look.

* Additional Clothing Tips: Choose natural colors like light beige, taupe, browns, cream, natural, etc. Mix them together. Leather works well with the boho style. If you want to add a pop of color, add it in with your accessories and jewelry. Superior Clog’s new line of Spring Selection clogs in Laurel Green, Napa Tan, and Nude will blend well with these clothing mixes.

Show off your casual comfort style with this chic Boho look and your favorite clogs. They were made for each other!

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