Styling Clogs with Your Winter Fashions


Styling Clogs with Your Winter Fashions

It is hard not to wear the same style clothing over and over. We tend to love what we love and stick with it. But winter is here and now is a great time to add in some flair to your winter wardrobe with some clogs this season.

Winter fashions are heavier, chunkier, and typically darker in color. Clogs are the perfect footwear option to style with your winter fashions and today we’re sharing some styling ideas with you.

Styling Clogs with Your Winter Fashions

– Long sweater vests, dusters, and sweater coats are one of the hottest trends going. Pair them up with a nice long-sleeve top, your favorite pair of skinny jeans and rock a pair of closed-toe and closed-back clogs with them.

– Denim jeans are always in style and the most popular bottom for casual wear. During the winter season you may want to ditch the bright colors and go with classic black, dark indigo, navy blue, chocolate brown, dark burgundy, and dark gray colors. Any style of denim jeans look great when worn with close-toe and open back clogs.

– Maxi skirts are typically worn during the spring, summer and fall season, but they can rocked during the winter too! When wearing maxi skirts during the cold season, you’ll want to layer, layer, layer! Wear a nice long-sleeved top with a tunic length vest or a long-sleeved top with a cropped cardigan over-the-top. Layering is in style this season and you want all of your layers to be of different lengths. When pairing up your favorite clogs with a maxi skirt, you can opt for a clog-style sandal or wear some chunky & funky print socks with your close-toe clogs.

At Superior Clogs we sell a wide variety of different styles, colors and we have clogs in sizes to fit just about everyone. This type of footwear is meant to be worn year-round and during the winter season you can really amp up your fashion style with a good pair of clogs.


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