Styling the Sporty Chic Fashion Trend


Styling the Sporty Chic Fashion Trend

It is fun to watch all of the different styles and trends that come and go. This season there is a great one that will make a lot of people happy because it incorporates a relaxed, more casual look with luxury pieces for a great outcome. It is being called the Sporty Chic trend.

What is Sporty Chic: Luxury athletic wear or luxury at-leisure wear. It’s when a fashion designer pairs 2 different fashion pieces together to show off an unexpected sporty chic look. It is all about taking your casual clothing and dressing them up with other fashion pieces, footwear and/or accessories.

Here are some Examples:

* Relaxed fit jogging suit paired up with a baseball cap and a leather tote

* Knit mini skirt paired up with a semi-fitted or fitted athletic jersey and high-top sneakers

* Dress up a summer short’s outfit with a pair of high-heeled strappy sandals

Tips: Look for wash and go pieces. Do not select fashion pieces that require special laundering care and one’s that don’t need ironing.

Must-Have Key Pieces:

Letterman Jacket or Hoodie (depending on the season)

Dark Wash Denim Jeans or White Jeans (depending on the season)

Athletic Jersey (one made for a woman)

Tennis Shoes or High-Top Sneakers

Small-Medium Sized Backpack in leather

Leather Tote

2-3 Matching At-Leisure Suits

Cardigan Sweater

Basic Leggings (wear under dresses and skirts and to pair up with tees and tunics)

We all love to wear casual wear and now we can mix and match our casual pieces with our favorite luxury items to incorporate a classier casual look. This will be fun to play with and see what we can come up with! Make sure to have some fun with your style today!

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