The Benefits of Wearing Wool in Winter Months

The Benefits of Wearing Wool in Winter Months

Superior Clogs is located in Superior, Wisconsin, which is right on the Great Lakes. So when the winter months come calling, we know what cold is. With the wind whipping through from the lake and the fact that we are up north where temps can be frigid, knowing how to stay warm and safe in the winter weather is critical.

Wool has long been a fiber that has become an important part of outerwear manufacturing. There are many benefits for using wool as a means for layering and keeping warm.

With the addition of some beautiful new wool products Superior Clogs is offering, here are some benefits for choosing a wool product for your outerwear this winter.

The Benefits of Wearing Wool in Winter Months

1. Wool is a natural material and therefore is very breathable. You won’t feel too hot or too cold.
2. The fabric allows the moisture from your skin to become the insulator for your warmth by wicking it away from your skin and trapping it to use to keep you warm.
3. Wool is naturally water resistant. This means your body will stay warm even if your outerwear or socks get wet from rain or snow.
4. The natural properties of wool also means that body odor is not trapped in your clothing. You could actually wear your wool socks multiple days before washing, if you really have to.
5. Being a natural fiber, wool is easy to care for. You can wipe it down with a damp cloth, shake it out, and wash it easily. Plus it dries quickly, making it a great choice for daily wear.
6. Wool is also very affordable because of the length of time you can wear the products. It retains its shape and lasts for years, with proper care.
7. There are different levels of wool, with the Merino being the top of the line because of its very fine quality. However, it is not itchy, like most people expect. It is very soft and comfortable on the skin. Plus, it’s very strong so it retains its shape well.

Wool products are excellent for not only cold weather and layering but also a great choice for travelers. Easy to pack and care for, choosing a wool product such as our new Woolpower line, will ensure that you are warm this winter when it counts the most.

Stop by and see all of the gorgeous new Merino wool products in the shop today and be ready for those cold winter months.

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