Tips for Getting Your Footwear Ready for the Fall Season

Tips for Getting Your Footwear Ready for the Fall Season


Where does the time go?  Fall season is just around the corner already! It is time to start switching our thinking from warm weather summer wear to cooler weather fall choices. New colors are soon to be on scene in fashion items and footwear options too! That means it is time to get ready for fall!


Here are some tips to get your footwear in shape and ready to wear at a moment’s notice!


Tips for Getting Your Footwear Ready for the Fall Season


  1. Get all of your shoes and boots out of storage. Lay them out across the floor to make sure you have all of the mates. Look over your collection and decide what you’re keeping for this season, which to donate, and which will be discarded.


  1. Give all of them a good overall inspection. If any needs to be repaired, set them aside. If you have no immediate plans to get things repaired, don’t save them for later – discard them or donate to make room for those you want to wear and new additions.


  1. Time to give them all a good cleaning or at the very least, freshen them up with a little deodorizer. If you’ve got leather shoes and boots, clean them with a leather cleaner and then follow up with a leather moisturizer. If you plan on wearing any of them in wet or sloppy weather, you may want to spray them with a water-repelling product.


  1. Need to update your footwear wardrobe for the season? Make a list of what you need to go out and buy, color needed and how much you’re willing to spend. This little list should help you to stay on-track when it comes to shopping, without over-spending.


  1. Make sure to add classic choices that will take you from office to casual in comfort and style. Closed toe clogs are the perfect shoe for fall fashions. Easy to mix and match. Solid core colors that you can wear anytime, anywhere. Classic comfort style for all day wear.


Getting ready for the fall fashion season is fun. Everyone looks forward to cooler temps and the gorgeous colors to choose from. Make sure to stop by for our newest fall season choices in your favorite footwear.

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