Tips for Pairing Clogs with Shorts This Summer


Tips for Pairing Clogs with Shorts This Summer

When the temperatures are blazing, shorts are a wonderful choice for your day. Pairing clogs with your shorts is another good idea. Perfect for running errands, a great travel choice, and even for sitting in the bleachers while cheering on the little league games!

Not sure how to pair clogs with your shorts? Check out these ideas!

Shorts are considered to be casual fashions, so the style of clogs that you select to wear with them should be a casual style too.  Select a solid color in white, ivory, khaki, beige, light pink, light blue, orange or light green which are great for blending with any shorts color. If you’re more into the nautical and preppy look, choose red or navy blue – always a solid choice for summer fashions!

The perfect styles to wear: open-toe with adjustable ankle strap or open-toe slip-on sandal styles. If your feet tend to swell a little bit during the summertime, you might want to size up a 1/2 size or go for the adjustable ankle strap, so that you can adjust the sizing throughout the day.

The majority of women wear their summer clogs barefoot. If you think you need a sock, try a pair of no-show sandal socks, which will work perfectly with our summer styles. If you want to keep them completely hidden, select a nude color.

Some women experience heavy foot-sweating during the hot and humid months which can cause you to slide around in your footwear. If you tend to have their problem, try wearing a no-show sock or place some absorbent foot powder into your shoes.

You can go dressier with your clog choices by selecting a pair with a patent-leather finish, an embossed animal print or a pair of clogs that features some type of fancy jewel-work. Toss on a few pieces of dressier jewelry and you’ll instantly go from casual to glam.

One final tip: If you want your outfit to be the center of attention, go with a more demure style with your footwear. If you love shoes and want all of the attention to go on your accessories and footwear, go for a more flashy style of clogs.

Stay cool and comfortable this summer with your favorite shorts and gorgeous clog sandals from Superior Clogs.

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