Tips for Taking Care of Clogs

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Tips for Taking Care of Clogs

Caring for your clogs the right way will go a long way to protecting the leather and keeping your shoes in tip top condition. Since we use top grade leather, there are a few tips that you should know about caring for your clogs

* You should purchase a leather & suede protector spray when you buy your clogs. This spray should be used on the shoes before wearing and then reapplied according to directions. This will help your clogs repel water and stains and will help to keep them looking nice for a longer period of time.

* Leather clogs need to be conditioned every few months to keep the leather looking nice. You can purchase a beeswax conditioner and apply it according to package directions. This will keep your leather moisturized so it doesn’t crack.

* If you know the weather is going to be very wet outside, avoid wearing your clogs on those days. Prevention goes a long way!

* If you get mud and caked-on dirt on the soles, use a toothbrush dipped in water to get it out of the treads (grooves). Then towel dry. Do NOT submerge your clogs in water.

* Keep leather clogs stored in room temperature. Do not store them in hot attics, cold or wet basements, etc. Do not let them lay in your vehicle for weeks in hot summer temperatures. Extreme temperature changes can craze/crackle the leather.

* If you need to spot clean your clogs, try using a very mild liquid dish washing soap and a clean cloth. After blotting up the stain/spot, blot dry with a clean dry cloth.  Also a saddle soap would work well too.

* Never toss your clogs into the washing machine. They are not athletic footwear!

Caring for your clogs the right way will ensure that you can enjoy your new shoes for many years to come. It takes just a bit of maintenance but it is worth it in the long run!

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