Tips for Wearing Clogs to a Formal Occasion


Tips for Wearing Clogs to a Formal Occasion

For those of us that have problem feet or back problems, wearing clogs is a perfect choice for the support our body needs. However there are some events that require a more formal attire and the question often arises about what shoes will be comfortable enough to wear all evening without the pain.

Clogs can carry you through formal situations if you use some of these tips.



  1. Match your shoes to the color of your dress or pantsuit if possible. For example: If wearing a black dress, choose black. If you’re wearing a navy blue pant suit, choose navy blue. You want your footwear to coordinate or exactly match the main color of your outfit. Also, choose a pair of clogs with the lower bottom wood that is black for a more seamless look.


  1. For a nice dressy look, choose a pair of genuine leather clogs with a shiny patent-leather finish. By choosing this finish, you’re adding glitz and glam to your overall look that can be associated to evening wear.


  1. High-heel clogs tend to look best worn with shorter length dresses and skirts. Lower heeled ones may look best worn with long dresses, skirts, jumpsuits, dress slacks and pantsuits. With that said, there really are no rules, so wear what is comfortable for you!


  1. If you can find “shoe jewels” and “shoe clips” don’t be afraid to purchase a glitzy pair and clip the jewels onto your clogs. They can really add some pizzazz to your favorite footwear, perfect for formal occasions and fun.


  1. Walk around your home wearing the clogs for several days before attending the party or event, if you’re not used to walking in them! When walking, practice “gentle” walking; no one should hear you coming down the hall!

It is okay to choose a shoe that is comfortable when attending events that are more formal. You can easily blend in your shoes to your outfit by using these tips and also by wearing pantsuits and long dresses for your formal attire.

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