Tips for Storing Seasonal Footwear

Tips for Storing Seasonal Footwear

As the seasons change so does our footwear. Packing up the flipflops and sandals to make way for our closed shoes and clogs is probably not something that you think about as you root around the closet looking for the cooler weather shoes. But if you take care in packing up your warm weather shoes, they will look great and be ready for you when the season changes allow.

Here are 8 tips for storing your seasonal shoes and clogs properly

1. Never store away dirty and soiled footwear. Take the time to clean them up before packing them away for the season.

2. Do not pile shoes on top of one another to save space. The weight of other items on top of your clogs can damage the uppers and cause creases and folds in the material.

3. Never store your footwear in high heat areas or damp, musty or wet areas. You should avoid the attic and basement when possible. Heat, moisture and extreme cold can damage your shoes.

4. To keep footwear smelling nice, add a deodorizer into each item before storing them away. When you get them out of storage next season, they will be ready-to-wear.

5. For best results, invest in a good shoe storage system. This can be a hanging organizer, shoe rack, under-the-bed shoe storage bag, etc. There are many different types out in the retail marketplace that are made specifically for footwear storage.

6. If you tend to get a lot of dust and debris flying around your home, you may want to invest in shoe cover dust bags to place your shoes in before putting them away for the season.

7. Treat all leather footwear items with a proper leather cleaner and leather moisturizer before storing them away.

8. Never let footwear lay in direct sunlight which can fade their color or damage the materials.

Taking the time to store your seasonal footwear properly will keep your shoes looking great and ready to wear anytime you need them. Start a system for shoe storage in your closet for great looking footwear and easy access to your favorite clogs and shoes. You will be glad you did.

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