Top 5 Jewelry Trends Right Now

Top 5 Jewelry Trends Right Now

Accessories are so important for overall look of an outfit. In just a flash you can change the look and feel of the outfit. As with anything, styles come and go and trends change in a matter of a season.

If you are a trend watcher and love to wear the latest in fashion and accessories, you can check out the hottest jewelry trends right now and add some to your favorite fashion style.

Top 5 Jewelry Trends Right Now

* Wide Cuff Bracelet – The wide cuff bracelet is hitting the runway and now spilling over to the streets. The bigger the cuff, the better. You can wear real gold or sterling silver if it fits into your budget. If not don’t be afraid to pick one up from an inexpensive fashion jewelry line.

* Long, Multi-Neck Chains – Look for neck chains (necklaces) that are made up of 3 or more chains and are at least 30″ in length, although 36″ length is ideal because it can be doubled up and worn as a choker style this coming spring.

* Multi-Finger Ring – Multi-Finger Rings have been gaining in popularity for the past 2 years. These rings really make a big statement and draw attention to your hand. We suggest trying a ring that fits over only 2 fingers which is a lot more comfortable compared to the 3-ring style.

* Classic Hoop Earring – The hoop earring is a classic staple that should be in your jewelry wardrobe at all times. However, we are seeing a trend for odd-shaped hoops that are done in twisted styles, mixed colored metals and in oblong shapes. You will want to pick up a pair of these updated hoops that measure 1 1/2″ to 2″ in length.

* Statement Watch – Every woman needs a good watch and right now “BIG” watches are in! Not only that, watches that are made from unconventional materials like ceramic and wood are extremely popular this season.
No matter if clogs are your go to in fashion footwear or the latest pumps from Salvatore Ferragamo are more your style, adding fabulous jewelry and accessories can change the entire feel of the outfit. Have fun with these jewelry pieces this season.

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