Top Reasons You Need to Buy Genuine Leather Clogs

Clogs are so fashionable right now. They are the perfect footwear choice for so many of our favorite outfit styles. You can find different clog styles in just about any store today.

The problem with that, however, is that lower end clogs are not the most comfortable or the most supportive shoe. They may use a plastic derivative for the upper, also known as pleather, instead of leather. Plus the sole and the footbed may be also made with alternative materials.

Traditional leather clogs are your best bet.

There are a multitude of reasons, but let’s start with the top 5!


Top Reasons You Need to Buy Genuine Leather Clogs

– When you buy genuine leather it will last a lot longer than man-made materials. Not only will it last longer, it typically wears better. A good pair of clogs will last you for many years!

– Orthopedic-correct foot beds, like the kind you see on the bottom of clogs, can help to relieve foot, leg, hip, and lower back pain.

– By wearing a pair of genuine clogs, you will find that you may stand up straighter and have better posture when walking and standing.

– Leather clogs typically can be worn with just about everything. Dress them up for a night out on the town, wear them into a professional business office or wear them casually during the weekends.

– Need to add a little bit more height but don’t want to wear chunky or spiky heels? If so, clogs are the way to go! You can easily add 1 to 3″ of height, depending on the style.

Leather clogs are going to give you the look you want, the support you need, along with a long lasting wear. That is why they are your best bet for quality clogs.


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