Troentorp’s Safety Clogs

Safety Clogs for Professionals


When you work in certain professions such as professional cooks, waitressing, medical professions, or others that require a lot of time on your feet, it’s important that you wear a shoe that is built for safety and for comfort. Often women go for the comfort – but sacrifice on style.


When you purchase your Troentorp Safety Clogs here at Superior Clogs you sacrifice nothing! You’ll get comfortable clogs that will protect your feet and look stylish while doing it.  These styles can be worn with your company’s uniform or with whatever it is you wear to work.


Safety Clogs for Professionals


We currently have 3 different styles of Troentorp Safety Clogs in-stock:

* Pablo – in pretty cola color

* Picasso – in your classic black

* Picasso – in black cherry

All of these Troentorp clogs are made out of high-quality, genuine leather. They feature steel-toes, closed-backs and meet U.S. Safety Standards. The orthopedic constructed foot beds are designed to support even weight distribution and have scaphoid and metatarsal arch support.

Note: If you don’t need the steel-toe, check out the same styles we carry without it.

Beautiful and stylish, there is a clog that is perfect for you. We also offer clog styles that are perfect for men too!   Protect your feet and give your back the support it needs with a comfortable pair of safety clogs.

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