Types of Hosiery to Wear with Clogs in the Winter

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Types of Hosiery to Wear with Clogs in the Winter + Tips

Winter can be cold and nasty outside but that does not mean you have to pack up for favorite clogs until spring. On the contrary! Many clogs have beautiful treads on the bottom that help prevent slipping. Plus many styles are perfect for wearing with different types of hosiery to help you stay warm too.

Not sure how to blend your clogs with hosiery? Check out these ideas and fashion tips for you.

* Wearing hosiery that is the same color as your clogs will give your legs a longer appearance. Black Tights with Black Clogs and a skirt is a cute style anytime!

* Wearing hosiery with a texture to them will help you from slip & sliding around in your clogs. Look for patterned tights and socks for some interest to your outfit.

* Funky Retro Style – Wear socks and hosiery in bright colors, polka dots, horizontal stripes and geographical patterns. Break out of the mold!

* During the winter opt for a clog-style boot or closed toe & closed back clogs.

* Wear clog booties with long pants or a great long skirt. Add some boot socks to layer for a fun, retro style.

Look for these different types of hosiery to wear with your clogs

* Cotton Socks  * Tights (solid, patterned or textured)

* Trouser Socks * Cotton Knee-High Socks

* Wool socks for those who want to wear clogs in extremely cold climates.

* For a luxurious touch…try bamboo and/or cashmere socks

* Over the knee socks and tights

You can wear your favorite clogs all year round and be comfortable while looking stylish too. Being comfortable with your own style no matter what is it is the true mark of a graceful woman. Wear it proud!

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