Updating Your Denim Pieces for Spring and Summer

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Updating Your Denim Pieces for Spring and Summer

Denim is a classic and it never goes out of style. You can wear the same denim pieces year after year and still make them look modern and trendy by just changing out your accessories and footwear. We know how wonderful denim feels when it is broken in and oh-so comfortable. So instead of breaking in something new, why not update your denim pieces?

Here are a few denim style tips to help you update your wardrobe this season:

  1. When sporting a long denim skirt that buttons up the front, leave the last 1/3 of the buttons unfastened to show some leg.
  2. Cut off a few inches of length from your favorite pair of jeans and turn them into trendy ankle pants. You can re-hem them, or let them naturally fray for a bo-ho chic look and style. Tapering them looks fabulous too!
  3. Lace is HOT this year and you can head to your local fabric store and buy beautiful lace trims and appliques. Pick up some permanent fabric glue and glue the trims & appliques onto your denim pieces to give them that updated feminine look.
  4. Cut the sleeves off jackets and shirts and turn them into trendy vests and sleeveless cardigans. You can leave the edges raw to fray or hem them.
  5. If you have white denim pieces that are looking ragged and stained…head out to your local store and purchase some fabric dyes. Follow the package instructions and dye them in your washing machine to a beautiful pastel color for spring and summer fashion.

Have fun with your old denim instead of replacing it. Don’t forget to add your favorite clog to complete your denim outfit for a great all around look!


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