Watercolor Prints New Trend for Summer 2015

Watercolor Prints New Trend for Summer 2015


If you love color but are sometimes afraid of too much, there is a great way to add color to your wardrobe without screaming big, bold and bright. This season, watercolors are trending and are making a big splash!

Watercolor Prints – Look for cool-toned pastel shades of apricot, yellow, blue, green and lilac. These are not bright and bold shades but washed out pastels. Look for them in prints and solids so you can mix and match colors in the same hue.

Subtle and gorgeous, the best way to wear this look is to go with a classic bottom in a solid and select a watercolor print top, blouse, tee or jacket. I can just see this with a white jean or legging and the layers of pastel color on top. So pretty!

Finish off the look with simple accessories and footwear choices. In you clog choice, wear a classic neutral or nude shade or try wearing one of the pretty pastel shades found in your print. To get the most mileage out of your footwear, go neutral or with a classic white.

Adding some color to your summer wardrobe doesn’t have to mean bold and bright. Subtle watercolors can make a huge impact and look just as fabulous. Have fun with this trend!

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