Wear Your Favorite Pair of Clogs in the Winter with These Tips

Wear Your Favorite Pair of Clogs in the Winter with These Tips

We all have those favorite shoes that we love. They are the most comfortable and offer you loads of support. They just hug your feet and you could wear them all day long with ease. The problem is, they are not exactly made for winter weather.

What if I told you there is a way you can enjoy your favorite clogs anytime? Whether they are sandal clogs or traditional style clogs, you can get that feeling of comfort and love with a few adjustments.

Here are a few fashion tips to inspire you.

Wear Your Favorite Pair of Clogs in the Winter with These Tips

  1. Invest in a few pairs of thick cotton or wool socks. They will help to keep your feet warm. Please note, you may have to size up a 1/2 size when purchasing clogs if you plan on wearing them during the wintertime season.
  2. Remember those leg warmers from the 80’s? Well, they’re back! Along with wearing appropriate socks, you can wear a trendy pair of leg warmers along with your clogs to help keep yourself warm.
  3. Live in an area of the country that gets a lot of rain or snow and ice? Invest in a shoe tote! Wear your snow boots and/or rain boots into work and then change into your clogs for wearing around the office. A shoe tote is a great way to store them and to bring them along with ease. 
  4. Pre-treat your leather footwear with water repellent products before wearing them outside into the wet and cold weather. A good water repellent will help to keep your feet warm and dry, no matter what style of shoe you may be wearing.
  5. During the winter season, you’ll want to invest in several different types of women’s knit hosiery. Patterned tights are the perfect option to wear with your clogs when pairing them up with your dresses and skirts.
  6. Leggings are hotter than ever! During the winter season, wear leggings underneath dresses and skirts to help stay warm. So many women do it, it is even trendy! Leggings look great worn with many styles of footwear, including clogs! 

Why do we have to give up our favorite clogs and shoes just because it is cold and wintery out there? Using great tips like these will help you stay warm, enjoy your shoes, and look fabulous too!

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