What Can You Wear with Clogs?


What Can You Wear with Clogs?

Many people hesitate when purchasing a great pair of clogs. One of the things we hear people talk about is, “These are so cute, but what can I wear with clogs?”

Well, just about everything in your fashion wardrobe can be worn with a great pair of clogs. Don’t get us wrong, some styles go better with certain fashions, colors and seasonal wear than others. You’ll have to keep all of that in mind when purchasing clogs to wear with specific things in your fashion wardrobe.

Here are a few tips to consider:

* Open-Toe Clog Sandals go best with your spring and summer fashions, unless you live in an area of the country where you wear this type of clothing year-round. They look great paired up with shorts, skirts, summer dresses, capris and ankle pants.

* Closed-Toe & Closed-Back Clogs go best with your trousers, pants, denim jeans, jumpsuits and even with some of your business suits will work if you select a lovely dressier style.

* Closed-Toe & Open-Back Clogs can go with everything listed above and below.

* Clog-Style Boots can be worn with denim jeans, pants, long skirts and long dresses if they’re paired up with the right hosiery and in the right colors. When selecting your boots, look for solid colors in chocolate brown, black, dark grey and navy blue which work great when trying to dress them up for the office, especially while sporting Fall and Winter fashions.

One of the great things about clogs is that they are so versatile. You can pair your clogs with just about anything and achieve a trendy and fashionable style all your own. Plus you will be so comfortable and look fabulous too!

So next time you think about “What Can You Wear with Clogs”, make sure to answer, just about everything!

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