Why Clogs are a Top Choice for Medical Professionals

Why Clogs are a Top Choice for Medical Professionals


Why Clogs are a Top Choice for Medical Professionals

Working and standing on your feet day after for long hours can really do a number on your feet, legs, back, and hips. It is hard on your body which is why choosing a shoe that is made for standing and walking with great support is important. Medical professionals love to wear clogs for a wide variety of reasons and thousands of them each year choose to wear clogs on duty.

If you are a medical professional thinking about purchasing pair of clogs for your duty shoes, here are some things you should know to help make that choice a bit easier for you.

* Durability – When selecting clogs you want to select genuine leather clogs which outlast their man-made counterparts. By selecting leather, you are protecting your feet better should anything hazardous fall onto them like a syringe or scalpel.

* Comfort – Clogs that are orthopedic correct will help to line up your lower back, pelvis and hips. Look for orthopedic contoured foot beds that help ease pressure off sensitive areas on the bottom of your feet. Clogs are great for those of you have pain from excessive standing and walking or suffer from tired legs and/or feet.

* Look for clogs with good tread on the outsole to prevent slipping and sliding on slick surfaces.

* If you are worried about “stepping out” of a clog while walking, look for a style that has a closed back or a style with an ankle strap which provides security and adjustability for the perfect fit.

Check out our testimonials for satisfied doctors, nurses and other medical professional customers. Our clogs will wrap you in comfort and give you the support you need for your body.

Superior Clogs offers a wide variety of different styles for medical professionals and in the traditional white color or modern day colors for every woman’s style.


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