Why We Sell Troentorp Clogs

Why We Sell Troentorp Clogs

With all of the different clogs that are out there, Superior Clogs has many reasons why we choose to sell the Troentorp clogs. These Swedish clogs have been a wonderful choice and are a bestseller for a reason. Made exclusively by Troentorp-Bastad Toffel, Scandinavia’s leading clog manufacturer for high-quality clogs for 108 years.

Check out some of these fabulous reasons that our clogs will be a good choice for you and your favorite fashion outfits. These clogs are extremely popular with professionals too, such as doctor and nurses who have to stand for hours on their feet. They choose these clogs for all of the reasons below, and they give amazing support too!

* Troentorp Clogs provide arch support as well as proper heel height that provides a standing knee position that flexes slightly rather than locks forward.
* Each clog is made out of long-lasting Alder Wood
* Each pair of clogs is handmade, not machine made which ensures top quality
* Troentorp Clogs are designed to fit your foot orthopedically
* These clogs are classic styling – They never go out of style
* Troentorp clogs are a wise footwear investment
* Troentorp makes styles for Men and Women, casual to dressy.

So, why we sell Troentorp Clogs is simple. The Troentorp Clogs speak for themselves and I know you will find the perfect clog style for you. Whether you like the closed back, open back, or our awesome sandal styles, all are ready for your express comfort and style. We chose to sell Troentorp clogs because they simply are the best clogs around and we hope you agree!

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