Why Women Need at Least One Pair of Clogs in Their Wardrobes



Why Women Need at Least One Pair of Clogs in Their Wardrobes

When it comes to shoes, women tend to own many different styles. There are many reasons we have to own multiple pairs, from dress up to casual. But there is one pair that should be a must-have in every women’s closet – the clog.

Here are some things to look at why you need at least one pair of clogs in your wardrobe.

* Versatility: Clogs can be worn with just about everything in your fashion wardrobe. They can be dressed up for the business office, worn out for a night on the town, and dressed down for a casual weekend running around. Unlike other footwear choices, clogs really can be that workhorse shoe that you’re looking for!

* Health: It’s a proven fact that if you purchase a pair of orthopedically-correct clogs, they can help to relieve leg, foot, hip and lower back pain. With that said, not all are created equally, so make sure you ONLY invest in a pair with an orthopedically-correct footbed, like the ones we sell at Superior Clogs.

* Style: Let’s face it, clogs look a whole lot better than a sloppy pair of tennis sneakers on your feet! If you’re a fashionista or striving to be one, you’re footwear is important and always looking nice is too! Your accessories, including footwear, can make or break your outfit.

* Wise Investment: All of the clogs we sell here at Superior Clogs are made out of genuine leather and feature high-quality construction. If you properly take care of them, they will last you for years, unlike cheap shoes from a local discount store that may last for a handful of months.

* Comfort: If you’ve never worn a pair of our clogs you’re in for a real treat! Thousands of women tell us that they can wear their Troentorp Clogs for hours, upon hours. They swear that they are their most comfortable walking shoe!

These 5 reasons are why so many women are adding clogs to their footwear wardrobe. Classic and comfortable, you will find yourself reaching for your clogs time after time.

Superior Clogs carries a full line of Troentorp clogs. There are many styles and colors to choose from to meet your footwear needs.

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