Why You Should Buy Troentorp Clogs


Why You Should Buy Troentorp Clogs

Troentorp Clogs – A Quality Footwear Investment

When we decided to open our shop dedicated to clogs, we wanted to partner with a solid, well known manufacturer that offered top quality shoes with a long history of excellence. In order for Superior Clogs to offer superior goods, we chose Troentorp Clogs as our supplier and we are so happy we did.

If you are not familiar with Troentorp, here are some things you should know about the quality product they produce so you can rest assured that your purchase is an investment in quality.



  • Troentorp Clogs made their very first pair of handcrafted leather clogs back in 1907 and continue to make handcrafted clog shoes with genuine wooden bottoms today. When a company has been making quality shoes for over 100+ years, you know they are focused on quality, comfort and style.


  • The heart of a Troentorp clog is the anatomically contoured footbed. Alder wood is used because it’s light-weight and has good moisture absorption. It helps to support your body and cradles your foot in comfort. The company uses wet-lasted leather which is a rare technique that pre-stretches and shapes the leather. This allows the leather to maintain its shape for the best overall comfort.


  • All Troentorp clogs are hand-nailed, not stapled by machines. All of their outsoles are certified non-skid polyurethane, ASTM 1677 Mark II Certified. This means you can wear them on slick surfaces and not be fearful of sliding around.


  • This footwear product is built to last you season after season with proper care. The Troentorp styles are classic and will be worn for many years to come. They will work with almost all of your fashion wardrobe items and can be worn casually or dressed up for the business office.

Choosing top quality clogs that will last you for a long time depends on the quality of the product and Troentorp is the best choice for clog lovers. Let Superior Clogs provide you with the footwear that will quickly become your shoe of choice.

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