Winter Fashion Footwear Questions Answered

Winter is here already in many places and that means many of our favorite shoes have to be put away for the season. Snow and wet weather can damage shoes easily, so choosing the right ones for winter is important.
Clogs are a wonderful choice in footwear because they can be worn year round. With lovely designs available that can cross over from warm weather to cold weather, your winter footwear options just got bigger.
Here are some tips you can use to style and care for your winter footwear choices.
Winter Fashion Footwear Questions Answered
1. Can I wear my leather and suede shoes outside during wet, sloppy weather?
Yes, you can! However, you need to make sure you pre-treat all leather footwear with a product that helps to repel water. By treating your shoes, you’ll help to protect them from snow, ice, water, and mud.
2. Can I wear open-toe and open-back clogs during the winter?
Yes, you can! We recommend that if you live in a colder area of the country that you wear them with socks, tights, or some type of hosiery item to help keep your feet warm.
3. What type of winter fashions can I wear with my clogs?
You can wear just about anything! Clogs look great worn with trousers that are paired up with chunky sweaters, long sweater-knit vests, dusters, jumpsuits, long skirts, pantsuits, denim jeans and more! They can be worn casually or dressed up for the business office.
4. If I accidentally get my shoes wet, what is the best way to dry them?
We recommend sitting them on a dry cotton towel and letting them air dry. If they were sopping wet, you’ll want to pat them down with an absorbent cotton towel to try to get off as much water that you can. Some people recommend using a hairdryer on a low cool setting to help dry them too. Never toss them into a dryer and don’t let them sit in bright sunlight which can damage the materials.
5. What colors should I invest in to go with my winter fashions?
You’ll want to buy classic black and then branch out into other winter colors like cola, chocolate brown, dark green, dark red, grey, and navy blue. Obviously, you’ll get the most bang for your buck by investing in black footwear for the winter fashion season.
Don’t be afraid to wear your clogs during winter. They are perfect with so many fashion choices, from casual to business wear. Add some great tights or socks and enjoy wearing the long lasting classic footwear that never goes out of style!

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